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We ask that before you fill out Customer Support Form,
that you view the FAQ. Many commonly asked questions are answered
there. Click Here to Proceed to FAQ.

customer support request

User name:

If you have any questions please email us.

Account Information

  • I want to change my account plan. How do I upgrade / downgrade my account?
  • What is my user name and password?
  • What Program can I use to FTP to my account?
  • How Do I Access My Site Via FTP
  • Features

  • How to access Site Studio (Site Builder)

  • Do you provide backup processing?
  • Mail

  • POP3 Setup
  • Email Forwarding

  • Pop3 Not Working
  • Can't Send Mail

  • Any Username And Password Error

  • Problems resolving your mailhost
  • eCommerce

  • Can I Purchase My Own SSL Certificate

  • How Do I Access The Shared SSL Certificate
  • Technical Information

  • List of CHMOD's

  • What is Virtual Hosting?
  • How do I move my current site to HOSTOV.COM?
  • What names servers (DNS) do I use?
  • What domain names do you support?
  • What is SSH?
  • What is Bandwidth?
  • Do you have Front-Page extensions?
  • Can HOSTOV.COM Register my Domain?
  • What are your Network Connections?
  • What is your server environment?
  • Where are your servers located?
  • Where is HOSTOV.COM located?
  • Can I get unlimited bandwidth?
  • Frontpage General Info
  • Access Via Frontpage Usage Accessing Cpanel
  • Where can I find more information on the functions.
  • CPanel documentation URL

  • What is CGI
  • Do you allow CGI script to run on your server?
  • What's the correct path to perl?
  • What is the exact physical path to your root directory on the webserver?
  • Why doesn't my CGI script work?
  • Account Information

    I want to change my account plan. How do I upgrade / downgrade my account?
    To upgrade or downgrade your account, complete a customer support request. Just specify what plan you want to change from or other services you'd like changed and submit your request.

    What is my user name and password?
    The user name and password were sent to you when the account was opened.  To retrieve/update the password, send us a customer support request.

    What Program can I use to FTP to my account? 
    There are many on the market, however we suggest http://www.ftpvoyager.com  

    How Do I Access My Site Via FTP
    Open an FTP software program
    Use the IP (shared)
    user Name
    You can now begin to upload. You must upload in the www/ directory

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    How to access Site Studio (Site Builder)
    Use the following template for Site Studio access please:
    for example (to access Site Studio for mydomainhostingcompany.com domain):
    (then specify your site Control Panel username/password, and then the same password again).

    Do you provide backup processing? 
    We backup the data on our servers each night. Although we do this free as part of the service, we do not guarantee data recovery, so we strongly recommend that you keep a remote backup of your files and data.

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    POP3 Setup:
    In the Cpanel there is an option for auto config through OutLook. If you wish to do it manually please use the following:

    When using your local email client such as Eudora or Outlook Express, remember to always use "mail.yourdomain.com" as the incoming (pop3) and outgoing (smtp) server. To determine the login for the pop3 box your login will be your entire email address.  For example if you request john@smith.com, the actual login for that pop3 box will be "john@smith.com".
    If you forget the exact login of one of your pop3 accounts, simply head over to the "pop account" menu within your Control Panel to find out exactly what the logins are.

    Email Forwarding
    In the Cpanel mail control center, the forwarding function provides forwarding to outer address, and can be used to alias one account to another. Thus, if you want mike@yourdomain.com to head to a pop3 account of name@aol.com, use a forward to make this happen. 
    Note: It is important that you do NOT define a new email account to be identical to a forwarding alias, since as the alias account fills with incoming emails, these emails will not be deleted after forwarding takes place.  When the email quota is reached, no more mail can be sent to the forwarding account.

    Pop3 Not Working
    If it seems that you cannot lock a pop3 account to retrieve messages for any reason, the quickest way to solve this for yourself is to delete and recreate the account with your Control Panel.  The changes you make to your email items with your Control Panel are done in real time.

    Can't Send Mail
    Our SMTP servers are configured as secure relays. This means that you cannot simply reference "mail.yourdomain.com" as an Outgoing mailserver unless you successfully log in via one of your pop3 accounts at "mail.yourdomain.com" before you try to send. This is a mandatory setting to prevent spammers from using our mailservers as havens for unsolicited email. If you are getting a "relaying prohibited" or "disconnected by administrator" error, it means that you haven't logged into the pop3 server at your domain before you tried to send through the smtp server at your domain. To log in, you need to check for mail first.

    In addition to this, you might not be able to send regardless of if you check mail successfully. Some ISPs have it set so that their users cannot use an outbound SMTP server to relay messages. If you are still experiencing problems sending through your domain, and are certain that you have logged in via pop3 to an account at your domain, you might want to contact your local ISP to see if they do allow their users to use outbound smtp servers. 

    Any Username And Password Error
    The main cause for this is trying to access the e-mail account with the wrong user / password. If this is NOT your primary e-mail account remember to use the full email address (user@domain.com) as your user name for logging in. If all else fails, simply remove, and then recreate the account with your mail control panel. 

    Problems resolving your mailhost
    If you find that you can't get "mail.yourdomain.com" to resolve as a valid SMTP or POP3 server, please be sure that your domain is registered to our nameservers. Also, try clearing out your cache and cookies and then restarting your computer. in some cases your registration was not completed by the registrar.  

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    Can I Purchase My Own SSL Certificate
    Yes, The price is $175. That will include the price for the certificate and installation for one year. If you wish to order simply send a customer support request. Our support staff will then contact you.  

    How Do I Access The Shared SSL Certificate
    You can access our shared SSL by using

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    Technical Information

    List of CHMOD's
    chmod 777 filename The file is available for Read, Write, and Execute for the owner, group, and world.

    chmod 755 filename The file is available for Read, Write, and Execute for the owner; and Read and Execute only for the group and world.

    chmod 644 filename The file is available for Read and Write for the owner, and Read only for the group and world.

    chmod 666 filename The file is available for Read and Write for the owner, group, and world. I wonder if the 666 number is just a coincidence. Anybody can create havoc with your files with this wide-open permission mask.  

    What is Virtual Hosting? 
    Virtual Hosting is where multiple web sites (www.anyname.com) are served off the same physical server. This saves each customer from purchasing their own expensive server, performing the setup and providing the appropriate environment. This is the most common method of hosting sites of small to medium size with light to moderate traffic.  

    How do I move my current site to HOSTOV.COM? 
    Every situation is different, but generally, there are 4 basic steps in moving your site from your current hosting company to HOSTOV.COM.
    1) Selecting and ordering your hosting package.
    2) Moving the contents of your current site to your new site. Setup email accounts, forwarders, autoresponders, ...
    3) Test, Test, Test, and then Test some more.
    4) Changing the name server for your domain at the registrar where your domain is registered. In 24 to 48 hours, your changes should start to take effect. It may take serveral days for all DNS servers to be updated. 

    What names servers (DNS) do I use? 
    Our name servers are:


    What domain names do you support? 
    We support all domains, including international domains. 

    What is SSH? 
    SSH is similar to telnet, but it's more secure. It uses high level encryption and compression to make sure nobody can takeover or eavesdrop on your telnet session.

    What is Bandwidth? 
    Bandwidth is the amount of data moved between your site and the browsers of the customer's accessing your site.

    Do you have Front-Page extensions? 
    Yes, we do offer Front Page extensions and is an option when you open your account. If you want to remove and/or add Front Page extensions to your account after you have already opened the account, just simply send a customer support request to request the change.

    Can HOSTOV.COM Register my Domain
    Not only will we register your domain, but it's free for our GOLD PLANS (for .com/.net/.org/.us/.biz domain suffixes - $70 valu). HOSTOV.COM offers these FREE life time domain suffix registrations as long as you host that domain with us. For other Plans, HOSTOV.COM can register for $70 for 2 years. 

    What are your Network Connections? 
    Our network consists of redundant DS-3 network connections to provide a high-availability platform for all business needs. 

    What is your server environment? 
    Our servers are Intel Pentium IIIs with high-speed SCSI drives. The operating system is Red Hat Linux running Apache Web Server. This is a fairly typical web server setup. 

    Where are your servers located? 
    Our servers are located in a Network Operations Center (NOC) in Colorado. There they are monitored 24x7x365, in a data center environment that provides security, backup power, and direct access to the internet backbones. 

    Where is HOSTOV.COM located? 
    HOSTOV.COM is owned and operated by Hostov.  Our corporate offices are located in an international location. 

    Can I get unlimited bandwidth? 
    No. We do not offer packages with unlimited bandwidth primarily because there is no such thing. Anyone that promises that is not telling the truth. Somewhere in their terms and conditions are probably some words referring to "excessive use of resources", and in effect these place some arbitrary limit on your bandwidth. We set limits to both protect you and to provide you with a reliable service. 

    Frontpage General Info
    FrontPage Extensions are installed free and for every account. 

    Access Via Frontpage
    Choose "Open FrontPage Web" from the File Menu in FrontPage Explorer. It will ask you for a Web Server of File Location. Enter http://yourdomain.com and then "list webs". Next, you will need to select (double-click) the root web. The requested login and password will be the same as your FTP account.  

    FrontPage supplies you with two separate interfaces. The FrontPage explorer is used to manage the files within your web site. If you open a file in your web site another program called FrontPage Editor will open. When you are connected to your web then all changes made to any file you edit will be saved to your web.
    *Note: Although the software documentation states that you can create the site on your computer and then "publish" it to the web server, we do not recommend this. Many times publishing to the server from your computer will loose the Interactive web bots features that you may have setup when designing your site on your local computer. We recommend that you create your entire site by being connected to your web and saving directly to the server. To move files already created on your web site use the Import command found under the File menu within FrontPage Explorer to select the files to import to the server. This is by far the best method for moving files from your hard drive to the server. Using FTP to upload is not recommended as this may overwrite important files. Also, do not edit .htaccess files since FP uses these.

    Additional support documents and complete usage instructions can be found at Microsoft's official FrontPage Home Page. http://www.microsoft.com/frontpage  

    I Can't Access My Site Via FrontPage
    If you can't access your site via FrontPage, we may need to reinstall the FP extensions. Contact our support staff using our customer support request.  

    Accessing Cpanel
    All hosting plans come with our Cpanel. You can access your control panel at:
    (This will not be active until your domain has been transferred to our nameservers.) You will be asked to enter your user / pass to gain access to your configuration.  

    Where can I find more information on the functions. 
    You can find documentation of the Cpanel at:
    CPanel documentation URL
    You find all Cpanel documentation at http://www.hostov.com/cpanel.html  

    What is CGI
    CGI, Common Gateway Interface, includes programs that run on the server to enhance the quality and functionality of a web site. 

    Do you allow CGI script to run on your server? 
    We do allow running of cgi scripts on the servers, however if we deem that a script is using an excessive amount of server resources, it will be disabled.  

    What's the correct path to perl? 
    After the "#" in the first line of the perl script, the path to perl must be specified. /usr/bin/perl should suffice for this path. Below is a printout of a "whereis perl" from our system.

    perl: /usr/bin/perl  

    What is the path to send mail? 
    Another program that needs to be specified in many scripts is sendmail. The location of your sendmail is located at /usr/sbin/sendmail  

    What is the exact physical path to your root directory on the webserver? 
    The path to your root directory is:

    Obviously, substitute "username" with the login you were assigned when you first received your account details. Also, keep in mind that when you configure your CGI, that your /public_html is included in your path. For instance, if you have a guestbook.pl script in your /cgi-bin, the exact physical path to that file is:

    Why doesn't my CGI script work? 
    Make sure when you upload the CGI file in ASCII mode. Uploading in binary will cause the server not to recognize the scripts as executables. Most FTP clients will upload .pl or .cgi files in binary mode by default so you will need to change this. You will need to upload the scripts into your cgi-bin directory for security reasons, however they will execute from anywhere within your account.

    The last step is to set the file permissions. This is covered in the
    CHMOD & File Permissions Section  

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